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We offer startup-friendly Growth Hacking Services as well as Growth Hacking Education.

What we can do for you


We are a Growth Marketing Agency specialised in startups, with flexible deals.


As Austria’s first Growth Hacking Academy, we offer 2 different Marketing courses depending on your future plans.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking uses cost-effective Marketing tactics to help gain exposure and growth. It is mostly associated with small businesses or startups, but its power is that it is a scalable concept, suitable to any business that wants to grow the retention of active users.

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Why us?

We offer startup-friendly growth hacking services!


We are experienced

Our Growth Hackers have worked with various startups and cooperates from different industries and needs!

We are data driven

Data is the most important aspect when it comes to analyzing what worked and what didn’t work. No place for intuition and guesses.

We focus on Analytics

Tracking every single step along the funnel is crucial. Knowing where your users are coming from and understanding their behavior can help you a lot.

We love emails

From regular newsletters to life-cycle plans, email marketing can be very effective for the growth of your business when done correctly.
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Who we are

We believe that people make the difference! Get to know us and learn how we can bring value to you!

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